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Powerful messages. 
One story at a time

The Frontline Fellowship is a community centric podcast that brings people from across the services to share their story.  It could be of trauma, hope, growth or something completely different.  Your story has mana, and lets help you share it.

The process

Story telling doesn't come naturally.  As such we've pulled together this template to help plan how the podcast will play out. 


In general, we can get away with most things as it is configured for 18's and above - but the few exceptions are that we can't discuss self-harm or suicide (in respect of methods).  

• Introductions, and a brief overview about the story to be told
• Deep dive on who speaker is, build context and into the story detail
• Exploration on the challenges and opportunities; what was it like, what was done about it, path back to growth/normality
• Any messages speaker would like to provide to those listening
• Anything speaker would like to know about the charity
• Wrap up

There is no time limit, but we've found that generally a session will last between 1 and 2 hours.

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