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How you can help

The projects we work on are based on raising awareness, providing support when it is needed as well as providing a community for people to connect through.  Listed are the major projects we're working on currently. 


If you want to be involved in assisting with any of these projects, please get in touch.

Project Ignite

Recognising that getting adequate and timely support in New Zealand has been and will continue to be difficult, we're on an ongoing mission to raise funds so that we can provide professional support to those who need it through a network of mentors, counsellors, psychologists and other medical professionals.   You can fund raise on our behalf, or alternatively, you can donate here.

Image by Issy Bailey

Coalition for Good

We recognise that support comes in many different shapes and forms, and we cannot be everything to everyone. Thankfully, there are other organisations and businesses that have a drive for social good and share a common purpose:

The Bean Merchant & Wildside Coffee

The simplest and most effective support to a bad day could be a good drink.  We've teamed up with The Bean Merchant and Wildside Coffee to provide our very own branded coffee.  Comes in all types and sizes.  Order yours here.

Strider Solutions

We all need to look fly, and be ready for anything.  Strider Solutions have your six.  The team offers more than tee's, and the quality is some of the best we've ever seen..  Order your merch here.

Westpac NZ - Manage your Money

Westpac NZ provide a great series of webinars aimed at helping people become more financially literate, enabling them to achieve their financial goals.  We've teamed with them to provide this training to you too.  You can review their website here, as well as follow our updates for specific training that occurs throughout the year.

Image by Chris Liverani

Physical, Emotional and Psychological well being

We are continuing to progress our digital training to allow people better access to resources which will benefit them and their friends, family and colleagues.  You can register and upskill here.


The Tango Kilo Mike Podcast

We're showcasing ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things, along with those who've gained the scars from stepping forward when others have run away.  This is podcast is raw, authentic, and for mature audiences only.

Image by Vika Strawberrika
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