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TKM Update - Here's what's been happening in March!

Hey team, its Chris here. We're moving to a monthly update so that the comms remain on target and we keep our promise of not spamming. I hope you enjoy - and if not, do email me with feedback at

Ask us Anything session with Chris Collins and Damien Porter

When it comes to people who've been in special forces or even the SAS, we've yet to find anyone who hasn't had at least one question come to mind about what its like to be part of the elites' elite. We're pleased to announce that we've been able to secure a no-holds-barred* 'Ask-us-Anything' session with Damien Porter. While the name isn't like to ring any bells, Damien has a long and varied career in protective roles. He describes himself:

Damian Porter former NZSAS Commando, WA Police Officer and current WA Firefighter / Health and Wellness Coach. He was one of the first Personal Trainers in the world and has been professionally involved in the health and wellness space for over 28 years. During his younger years Damian was heavily involved in bodybuilding and the fitness industry however he soon applied to join the New Zealand Defence Force. Within a couple of years he attempted the selection for NZSAS Commando now known as D Squadron which is a counter terrorism role squadron part of the NZSAS. After years of service Damian moved to WA and became a Police Officer. Not stopping there after a few years within the Police Force Damian decided to change up his career yet again and became a Firefighter which is his current day role. He also continues to influence others and provide health and wellness consultancy.

Our plan is to host the light-hearted Q&A via Instagram Live, and we'll let you know when this is going to take place.

Best question will win a TKM tee and a bag of Deadly Sins Coffee. Cant say fairer than that!

Email us - - with your questions fun, silly, serious, on anything and everything - for either Chris or Damien (or both?) and we'll get through as many as we can in the time we have available.

And to show how seriously we're going to take it, here is Damien exercising 'stress management'...

*while we will aim to ask every question, there could be a possibility that not every question will be answered. Use judgement and don't be disappointed!

Feedback on the Westpac Financial Literacy programme

Last month we announced the partnership with Westpac and their series of money management. We've had some great feedback so far - keen to hear more. If there is anything specific that is on your mind that hasnt been covered, please do let us know -

New ways to donate AND get cheaper fuel bills for your vehicle

This news is hot off the press! We've been able to secure a partnership with a fuel card company that provides a discount at Mobil and Waitomo fuel stations. Using this fuel card will mean that you'll get permanently better savings at the pump, and at the same time helping us!

While there will be some T&C's to agree to, we're trying to make it as easy and flexible as possible to use.

We'll provide a better update on this in our next newsletter.

Changes to the shop

In response to buyer feedback, we're moving to a model where we're no longer holding coffee in stock. This means you'll get the freshest brew possible and for the same great price. In addition, moving to this model means that we're able to increase the range from 250gm all the way to whopping 2kg bags! Our website shop is a bit clunky and so it'll look like you're pre-purchasing. Fear not though, this is a coding 'feature' that our host wont let us change. Every order put in should make it to your doorstep within 1-2 business days to non-rural addresses. A wee bit longer to those out in the wops.

As we're heading into the cooler months, we're also actively looking at stocking up on hoodies. Keep an eye out! If you want to buy in bulk for your teams, squads, clubs etc. please do let us know -

Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn

We've been prolific on social media for a while now, and its only just dawned on that we haven't said. So, if you're into Instagram, you can find us here. If LinkedIn is more your thing, find us here.

Take a look, and if you like what you see, follow us. If you really like it, tell your mates.

And on that note - thats March! See you in April!

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