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Who We Are

Tango Kilo Mike is a New Zealand based charitable trust (CC59166).

We have been in existence since 1999 and received formal charitable status in 2021.

Our purpose is to provide suicide prevention and ongoing peer support to serving and former members of the military and first-responder emergency services, and their immediate families within New Zealand. We do this through:

  1. Providing access to support through suicide prevention training, crisis management and professional therapy.

  2. Access to a partner network of martial arts clubs across New Zealand to enable a healthy release of energy.

  3. Removal of barriers to participation by members.

The basis of our delivery mechanism is through the identification of members with a TKM badge, that is worn on their training uniform.

To qualify for a badge, members need to meet the eligibility criteria (based on their or their family members’ service) and successfully completed a TKM Crisis Identification and Suicide Prevention Training course (in development).

By wearing a badge, members indicate a minimum of two important facts:

  1. An ability to spark conversation. “What is this badge?” to which members can respond about the charitable trust and the training they’ve undertaken to earn the right to wear it.

  2. Increasing the number of trained people who can help others. This training incorporates more comprehensive training and strategies around identifying and supporting people who need help, sooner.

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