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One card.
Many Uses.

We believe in changing the lives of people who support us, as well as those that need us.  This is our way of giving back.

Kora is a NZ fuel discounts company.  We have partnered with them to be able to provide savings of at least 10 cents per litre, every day, at Mobil and Waitomo stations nationwide. 


You get to choose how much of a saving you'd like, with the remainder coming to us. 


This is available everyone, individuals, small and large businesses alike.

Choose your savings

For every litre of fuel you buy with Kora fuel cards, you will give your full 10 cents to us.

For every litre of fuel purchased with your Kora fuel cards, you will save 6 cents and give 4 cents to us. 

Every time you buy fuel with a Kora fuel card, you will save 8 cents and 2 cents will go to us.

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