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Getting Veterans into tech

One of the many ways we're looking at providing ways of avoiding psychological, emotional and physical distress is to identify many ways that could lead to a crisis event occuring.

One such way is that when an operator leaves their service, they may not think or believe they have the right skills to get ahead in life. Employers may not be able to see beyond the camo to identify the qualities veterans can provide an organisation. This, doesnt bode well.

As such we've been working with AWS to provide the means and capability for our members to get qualified in technology with as few barriers as possible to participation.

I'm pleased to announce that we've managed to get our members onto the Hapori Wahine training program which will provide you all training and certification to AWS cloud fundamentals. Open to ladies of any age across NZ. **NO COST** (fellas, more to come, don't worry!)

Super important: Where it asks 'where did you hear this?' Please say Tango Kilo Mike as we need to demonstrate its effective and that veterans have a need.

Link to register is here:

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