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Enabling opportunity with veterans in civilian roles

I'm pleased to say that a side-of-desk project we've been working on with Robynne Sam has made it across the line!

Together, we've been able to create and publish guidance on how best to lead ex-service men and women in civilian roles with Air NZ. It talks about the core skills that anyone from these services can bring, enables the thinking that full time personnel isn't the same as full time civilian work, and goes to describe the passion, the fortitude and work ethics that everyone brings to the role to be successful.

It focuses on providing Identity, Belonging and Purpose, and is the first step of creating greater cohesion and opportunity for anyone who is retiring or transitioning from the military or emergency services within NZ to the airline.

Work is planned to build upon this, and to take it to the Defense Employer Support Council to enable strategic partnerships to allow growth opportunities for civilian and service personnel, as well as create a NZDF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team!

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