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You're invited to our September roll-a-thon

Its September, which means the annual round of mental health awareness kicks off. Each year we get involved and we do something, normally for other charities like Movember.

This year, we're doing it for ourselves.

Kicking off Mental Health Awareness Week, we're inviting all of you in Auckland to come join us at our roll-a-thon event. Complete novices and experienced are all welcome. Its a non-competitive, friendly, lunchtime get together to reconnect physically, emotionally and psychologically with each other.

The general gist is:

1. Turn up, get your sports gear or gi (if you have one) on.

2. Throw a donation into the pot. We will have QR codes that will scan to our give a little page that you can donate electronically.

3. Eyeball someone, throw the shaka, introduce yourself, tell them your level of experience and have 5 minutes of fun.

4. Rinse and repeat until you're a hot mess!

We are lucky to have our event hosted at Tukaha Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club in the heart of Auckland CBD. World class facilities combined with one of the best practitioners in New Zealand, you're in highly capable hands.

Come join us, say hi, throw a donation or simply like and share this post. Its completely up to you!

If you're not in Auckland, but would like to support us, you can donate here:

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