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Physical & Mental wellbeing, whoever you are

Tango Kilo Mike is a modern approach providing te whare tapa whā to individuals and their families connected with the military and Emergency Services who live in New Zealand.

We do this through:

  • Psychological first aid training; enabling you to identify stress and distress in yourself and others, to be able to provide effective crisis intervention strategies as well as post-crisis care and recovery.

  • Physical wellbeing; yoga, meditation, martial arts, etc. through a network of affiliated clubs and groups.

  • Nutritional wellbeing; understanding body types, meal prep, weight loss/gain, and more.

  • Emotional and psychological wellbeing; being able to trust yourself and others, demonstrating vulnerability as strength, lived experiences with neuro-divergency, and more.

  • Therapeutic wellbeing; addiction recovery, PTSD, depression and anxiety treatments, and more.

  • Career wellbeing; provide access to technical training, career support, mentorship, interview preparation and more to ensure success at work.


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Our impact

Here are just some of the ways we've helping


People receiving general support for ongoing wellness and success, on average per month with us.


Person per week receiving criticial intervention and/or suicide intervention through us

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Our Partner Programs


Tech training with Microsoft and AWS

Working with our partners, we are taking a holistic approach to preparing the military community for entry into high-impact, in-demand tech jobs in any industry.


Money advice 

Financial and mental wellbeing go hand in hand. A change in life circumstances such as loss of employment or bereavement can result in financial difficulties which then impact on your mental health. 


Digital wellness with


Thrive Mental Wellbeing provides you with the tools to manage your mental wellbeing, empowering you to understand your emotions, differentiate between helpful and unhelpful thoughts and be the best you can be.

Our Strategic Partners

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