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In crisis?

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A better you,
whoever you are

Tango Kilo Mike is a modern approach providing te whare tapa whā to individuals and their families connected with the military and Emergency Services who live in New Zealand.

We do this through:

  • Crisis intervention training; enabling you to identify stress and distress in yourself and others, to be able to provide effective crisis intervention strategies as well as post-crisis care and recovery.

  • Physical wellbeing; yoga, meditation, martial arts, etc. through a network of affiliated clubs and groups.

  • Nutritional wellbeing; understanding body types, meal prep, weight loss/gain, and more.

  • Emotional and psychological wellbeing; being able to trust yourself and others, demonstrating vulnerability as strength, lived experiences with neuro-divergency, and more.

  • Career wellbeing; provide access to technical training, career support, mentorship, interview preparation and more to ensure success at work.

  • Peer based support and networking; What better way to feel better than to see a compatriot succeed in life.

beach landing
Vitor sky tower challenge
Surf training
Receiving award
Vitor sky tower challenge
Seek War
Chris starting a jiu jitsu roll
Neville Johnston
Damian breaching
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