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Train with Jahred

Train with Jahred and elevate your martial arts skills to the next level.


With a passion for Jiujitsu that rivals that of a master craftsman, Jahred Dell is a force to be reckoned with in the NZ grappling scene. Not only is he the creator of the Articulate BJJ social media and Youtube channels, but he is also known for his technical expertise and unwavering determination on the mats, particularly in competitive settings.


He is an ADCC heavyweight and absolute champion, ADCC Trials and ADCC Vegas Open Semi Finalist, Ventura Open Nogi Champion/ Sydney Grappling Industries Open Weight Champion, and accomplished black belt.


Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your martial arts journey, training with Jahred will undoubtedly enhance your understanding and application of BJJ techniques. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from one of the most respected figures in the  global martial arts community.


Click here to be taken to Jahreds Youtube channel.

Train with Jahred

  • By 'purchasing' the Train with Jahred product, you will be linked directly with Jahred, a highly skilled and experienced martial arts instructor, where you'll be able to discuss and tailor your training needs.

    Pricing will be agreed directly between you and Jahred, ensuring a personalized and transparent process. Please note that Tango Kilo Mike applies a fee to this one-off transaction, which is separate from the cost of training with Jahred.

    As with all sports, there is a potential for injury, and you partake in training at your own risk. Get ready to enhance your martial arts skills with expert guidance from Jahred himself.

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