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Welcoming our Jemma to the TKM whanau

We here at TKM are proud to introduce Jemma Hokai-Mataia as our latest ambassador to Tango Kilo Mike. Our ambassadors are a highly skilled and dedicated team around New Zealand, and we are so grateful to have them as part of our team and for their help in delivering our mission. We feel Jemma will be excellent in joining our existing ambassadors in sharing their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our community.

About Jemma

A serving member of NZ Navy, Leading Marine Technician Jemma has recently been awarded New Zealand Navy Sailor of the Year 2021.

Her Sailor of the Year citation praised her work ethic with the recruits, describing her as an “exceptional leader….a passionate, well-respected and influential instructor, composed at all times”.

Very down to earth, and passionate about the work we do, the mutual respect and joining of force is a perfect. In her own words:

I joined the Navy as a newly 17-year-old, in early 2013, with the goal of getting a trade and exploring the world! I was lucky enough to achieve both of those things and meet some amazingly kind and inspirational people along the way!

Throughout the last 8.5 years, I have been posted to HMNZS Canterbury, HMNZS Te Kaha and most recently the Leadership Development Group, with all of these roles providing unique and CHALLENGING experiences.

I first heard about Tango Kilo Mike through Chris (you), via linked in! Being a little bit nosey, we got in touch, so I could find out more about the mahi that you and your charity do! My understanding is that your charity is connecting first responders and their whānau with a positive physical outlet, allowing them to learn, develop and grow! Additionally you have a caring cohort of people within your charity that have shared experiences with this group of people and are in a position to listen, support and assist!

I feel proud to be an ambassador for your charity, because the mental and physical health of our people is extremely important!

If you are a current or former member of the military or emergency services and wish to volunteer as an ambassor, please do contact us directly on

Jemma (right) during travel in Nepal.

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