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TKM Update - Here's what's been happening in November!

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Hey team, its Chris here. We're moving to a monthly update so that the comms remain on target and we keep our promise of not spamming. I hope you enjoy - and if not, do email me with feedback at

Extending our reach for those who need help

Our announcement of strategic partnership with Te Heke Mai has landed firmly. In November we've been able to provide assistance to over 25 individuals for a variety of needs, including providing acute crisis intervention for one individual. We hope that everyone is doing better through this support.

We've also received feedback and can now announce that we offer support for drug or alcohol addiction and now can offer a one-stop-shop number for anyone needing assistance.

To access this support, call 0800 938 474, and simply say you're from TKM.

2022 HeadFit Awards Lived Experience winner - Chris Collins!

As reported last month, our chair, Chris, made it to the finals of HeadFit awards, a nationally recognised achievement for furthering awareness and de-stimagtising mental wellness in the workplace. Turns out, he won! Unable to collect the award himself being laid up with covid, trustees Naomi, Michelle and Cindy being away from Auckland, the award was collected by mentor and friend, Liam Scopes from Air NZ.

The official comms can be found here, followed with a bit of narrative from Mental Health Foundation New Zealand, here.

Bush Jitsu rollathon event and deep-dive on head coach Brennan Matheson

Brennan and team have been supports of Tango Kilo Mike since day one, attended every event and been - at times - the firecrack up the jacksy that we've needed when times have got tough.

On this occassion the TKM team 'invaded' Whangarei to the Bush team and took part in over 2 hours of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Always tough and definitely fun, everyone had a grea