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TKM Update - Here's what's been happening in December!

Hey team, its Chris here. We're moving to a monthly update so that the comms remain on target and we keep our promise of not spamming. I hope you enjoy - and if not, do email me with feedback at

What a year 2022 has been! We could be all cliché and say its been a year of highs and lows, but lets be honest - its been a tough year. Like many of you, we too were feeling the strain; knowing that we were so close to finishing off what has been a challenging year, and yet wanting to do so in a way that would be fitting given the hard work we've done, and the people we've helped along the way. In short, we were tired, but we haven't stopped.

We approach 2023 with the same vigor. and renewed energy to keep pushing our message of wellness and enablement for those prepared to take that step forward. This may very well be our best year yet!

New look and feel to the TKM website

The service that we were able to provide at the beginning of 2022 vs what we were providing at the end are radically different - we are doing so much now! As such we felt that our pages needed updating to reflect the current services offered so that there is no uncertainty about what we do, how we do it, and who we do it with.

Importantly, we've added vital contact information at the top of our home page. The numbers added are 111, lifeline and our strategic partner Te Heke Mai. These will be the first things you see on either desktop or mobile, and clicking on the phone numbers will allow you to 'speed dial' the service in need.

We've also done a bit of analysis with our shop - some items are fulfilled using third party companies based around the world. Like with everywhere else that uses overseas services, our costs of shipping and production have increased to a point where it is actually likely more cost effective for everyone to look more locally.

(For those who were itching to buy a pair of jandals with one of our TKM members nearly passed out from exercise, or anything else that is now missing, you can still get them, but it will cost you a fair bit more now. Simply email us and we'll see what we can do)

Saying bon voyage to TKM Trustee Naomi

Naomi has made the tough decision to return home back to her family and parents overseas. While largely working unseen, she has been a stalwart for Tango Kilo Mike, including singlehandedly leading the Generosity Generator fundraiser, doing much of the digital artwork that you see on the site and social media platforms, and enabling many conversations with companies and service providers.

Thank you Naomi, for all you've done.

I (Chris) wont lie - I'm going to miss Naomi's presence and effervescent approach to work. As such, I haven't taken her goodbye speech as expected.. We've agreed that we'll continue to have her as part of TKM, but working fully remotely. We know it may make things harder, but we'll make it happen.

2023 Planned work

Develop and roll-out a career transition program

Furthering the work announced in Octobers' update, we are busy fleshing out a career training program for those who are leaving a Service into a civilian role, and may wish to consider IT or Tech as an option.

We are working with globally recognized Tech companies (AWS and Microsoft) who will provide the technical training, and we are on the hunt for both individuals considering or have recently transitioned, and companies across NZ to register their interest for hiring those transitioning from Services. If you want to know more email Chris -

Introduce financial wellbeing training to our support lineup

We've received feedback about being able to provide people with more support to be financially savvy. We've put the call out and will be having conversations in January with the likes of Westpac and other institutions to provide unbiased advice on how to save for retirement, homes, budgeting, debt consolidation and the like. More to come on this.

Host a TKM operatives muster

You may have seen Chris' 'call for help' and we are pleased to say that a number of you have stepped forward to be part of this great thing. Thank you! For those who have no idea what we're talking about, we're looking to host an outdoors-based event that brings people together, and provide access to tools, people and resources that give them identity, purpose and belonging, while having a laugh along the way.

Hold more roll-a-thons

We have identified that visiting martial arts clubs and hosting roll-a-thon events is a great way of creating awareness of who we are, what we do, and why we exist. Each time we do this, we see a surge in people using our services, and we really enjoy getting out there and meeting you and hearing your stories. If you're a BJJ club owner or head coach and keen to host us, please do let us know.

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