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TKM June update - changing things up a little!

Hey team, its Chris here. Last month I received a tonne of positive feedback about talking less about the stuff we're doing (I feel it is important to keep you in the loop on this) and more about actual life experiences and things I'm doing to keep myself as well as I can in all aspects of life.

So with that, I'm going to keep the what we're doing updates to a minimum, and focus on more of practical stuff.

What have we been doing this month?

This charity has always been 100% volunteer run. In the beginning, this was a relatively simple affair. Now, four years later, with a host of support services, partnered with a stack of different organisations, and providing arguably the best wrap-round support service in New Zealand for anyone who's been in a uniform, its becoming a challenge.

A good majority of the trustees, including myself, work for Air New Zealand, which in itself hasnt been that easy during COVID times. So, this month has mostly been about engaging with my leadership to see how I can incorporate more about what I do here in my paid employment at Air NZ. This has included:

  1. Resurrecting the ex-services network - a support group that mirrors nearly all aspects of this charity, but personnel are now employees at Air NZ.

  2. Creating deeper partnerships with supporting organisations to leverage their muscle and creative thinking.

  3. Finalising the year end finances and regulatory reporting to Charities services. I'd love to say we're loaded, but the reality is we're still very much in growth mode.

  4. Partnering with the NZ Jiu Jitsu Federation to digitize our mental wellbeing training for aspiring coaches and martial artists looking to make a professional career from their endeavours.

It doesn't sound like a lot, but believe me - its been a tough month! I wont be so proud to say we can do it all in the time we'd like, and we have so much more that needs to be done.

If you think you could help, are passionate and want to make a difference, get in touch.

Building on the Life Audit

Last update I wrote about using the idea of a Life Audit, to take a quick check to see where we're at, and what we could do to make things easier or better for ourselves.

Today I want to expand on that.

For some, doing this can be quite a daunting task - looking beyond the pretense of everything being fine when in fact it isn't. The ensuing acknowledgement can be scary. When people are scared, they often panic and end up reacting, rather than making deliberate, planned, actions. Those people often need others around them to ground them and keep them level-headed. These are the ones that will have your back, stop you from falling, and give you the necessary kicks (as needed).

So to add onto the Life Audit, I'm attaching a template that you can download, print off, and complete. It will be a useful reference for tough times. Times when you think you need to talk to someone, but may not be sure who to reach out to.

Who are the people that will hold you up
Download PDF • 108KB

The idea of this handy resource is to have a team of people who you know you can reach out to, as and when you need to. Its helpful to have a few people who you can count on, because not everyone can assist in every situation.

Write down their names and contact details. Have it handy. Maybe even let them know that you consider them part of your team. They'll be just as happy to know you're relying on them as you are!

For me, this creates trust and a culture of purpose and inclusion. You are sharing your thoughts, feelings and emotions with others, and in turn often leads them to share what's going on with them, creating a win win support network. I often call people on my list whilst driving. Even if it's only to say hi and catch up on the gossip.

Let me know what you think of this resource, who in your team, and if you dont, ways it could be improved.

Plans for July

I've committed to undertaking Dry July, with a view to going permanently sober. I'll let you know how it goes! If you'd like to sponsor me, I'd be very grateful!

I'm participating because there I realise that there are people out there who are having it hard with cancer. Lets help them.

Until next month, stay sharp!


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