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Meet Ryan Gilbert, our newest TKM Ambassador

We are thrilled to introduce you to Ryan Gilbert who’s joined the TKM whānau as an Ambassador.

Ryan is the founder of Phorge, training in breathwork meditation, cold water therapy, and outdoor adventure training from his off-grid home and forest retreat 'Kiwi Lines' in the South Island of New Zealand.

Ryan served fifteen years with the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment and deployed on multiple operational tours to the Pacific Islands, Timor-Leste, and Afghanistan. Ryan specialised as a Recon Platoon tracker and departed Second First Battalion as a Section Commander and instructor with the Unit training wing.

Ryan is the president of the Mackenzie District RSA and works with veterans and community members enduring PTSD to explore and heal personal emotional trauma and develop a self- inspired mission and purpose by teaching practical skills to empower individuals and teams to be resilient, healthy, and apply intuitive solutions to understanding complex emotional trauma and leading with intent.

Phorge Training’s methodology of Breathwork, Cold Water Therapy, and Adventure Training is used to recharge, heal, and gain clarity through simple, practical processes involving the mind, body, and spirit.

Welcome to the TKM whānau Ryan!

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