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Introducing Lance Burdett

I'm pleased to announce that Lance Burdett has kindly offered his support, knowledge and experience to Tango Kilo Mike. I've been aware of Lance and his work for a number of years now, mostly from the posts I've seen on LinkedIn. I can say, even before I googled him to get a good bio to share, that having him partner with us, is a very good thing indeed.

His bio from his own website ( writes:

After a successful career in the construction industry, Lance spent 22 years with the NZ Police, becoming the lead crisis negotiator. He qualified in NZ, Australia, and with the FBI. He was described by senior police as “The most qualified and highly skilled negotiator within NZ Police”, having trained and operated with the elite tactical teams of Police, Corrections, Fire, emergency responders, the Military, and FBI. Qualifying as a Personal Protection Officer, Lance oversaw the safe protection of the NZ Prime Minister, international dignitaries, and people on the witness protection programme. He was the principal security officer for NZ athletes at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games and the 2012 London Olympics.

As a commissioned officer, he directed the immediate response to the full range of critical incidents and was a senior detective leading teams on complex criminal cases including homicides.

Responsible for recruitment and training at the Police Emergency 111 call centres, Lance developed and delivered coaching programmes on handling emotional conversations and personal resilience.

I'm very excited to be sharing his musings via our blog moving forward on a regular basis.

Stay tuned!


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