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Physical & Mental wellbeing, whoever you are

Wellbeing tools for self-awareness and resilience.

Tango Kilo Mike is a modern approach to providing mental health support for individuals and their families connected with New Zealand Defense Force and Emergency Services.


Access to martial arts
across New Zealand

We link our members to martial arts clubs across New Zealand.  

Members are our flag-bearers.  Each member will have successfully undertaken comprehensive and world-leading psychological first aid and suicide prevention training, free of charge.

Members will be provided with a patch that can be worn on your kimono/gi.  

Every member who wears the patch will be equipped with the skills to help their friends and whanau in times of distress or crisis. 

We offer this training to businesses small or large.

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Intervention Technology Solutions

Enabling life-saving intervention technology for all

Signs of distress are complex and hard to identify.  We are creating best-in-class software that silently watches for signs of potential distress and provides those with key information to seek support.  

This software will be provided for free to all families.   

An enterprise version will be made available for businesses to purchase and will provide enhancements to any Well-Being or Health & Safety program.

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Training Services

Advanced Psychological First Aid and Intervention Solutions

We complement world-leading training with real-life experiences, filling the gaps current thinking misses, along with tangible frameworks and methods to enable any trained person to be confident to spot all signs of stress, distress and crisis, intervene appropriately and provide immediate and on-going support as required.

We offer this free for those meeting eligibility requirements, and on successful completion will be provided with a certificate of completion and Tango Kilo Mike patch.

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